Animals in Africa with their strange survival strategies

Africa is the biggest wildlife reserve of the world with respect to species of Animals in Africa, their strange abodes and their outstanding survival strategies. The Animal life of Africa is divided into a number of species and sub-species which makes it very colorful and informative. Colorful because of so many birds and reptiles living in the rain forests of Africa and informative because the wide range of land animals and even their remains helps a lot in evolution related research. Animals in Africa help best in tracing and researching the “Darwinian theories of Human Evolution”. It is also interesting to know how Animals in Africa catch their prey.

Animals in Africa

Different Types of Animal Found in Africa 

Land Animals:

Some of the most rare and endangered species of Cat family are found in Africa. Other animals in Africa are a variety of wild bears, grizzly bears, deer, antelopes, giraffes, zebra, and rhinoceros are worth watching. While on one hand a number of majestic lions, cheetahs, leopards and other wild cats are to be seen in Africa many huge elephants are also there to be looked for. A sight of the activities and life of these wild animals are enough to draw our lungs to our mouth.


Birds also make a considerable part of the Animals in Africa. Though birds are not in such a huge variety as animals in Africa. Still some rare eagles and owls are common in the jungles of Africa. One or two isolated Kingfisher birds may also be seen in some places. Some migrated birds may also be found Africa but that hardly happens and is very short lived because in Africa the season is more or less same throughout the year.


A huge variety of fishes also constitute Animals in Africa. Africa also has a wide stretch of water bodies which is home to many amazing and strange fishes. These fishes are of different structures and some of them are very colorful. There are different species of fishes like vertebrates and cartilaginous fishes, freshwater fishes and sea animals like crabs, crocodiles and tortoise. Some of the most attractive fishes of Africa are the clown fish, blue and yellow cichlids and other tropical fishes.


Snakes and other reptiles among the Animals of Africa are also very captivating. The famous Black Mamba and Green Mamba are found in parts of South Africa. Some of the most venomous snakes like the King Cobra are also found in Africa.

Animals in Africa are the biggest tourist attraction for the world. But as human beings we have to remember that forests are not for our fun and survival. We are gifted with our own survival instincts as well as the Animals in Africa. So, if anyone thinks that he or she can use these wonders of nature for their material gains nature also has a rule of survival which is often disastrous. So, it is best for human beings to not only enjoy the blessings of nature but also have love and respect of Animals. This will help us protect and save some or the endeared Animals in Africa without hampering the balance of nature.

Preventing Animals in Africa from extinction

Animals in africa around the African continent have always been the source of fascination for different people. There are many tourists who visit Africa or especially South Africa and Kenya are interested in wildlife. They go in safaris to watch the distinct animals and in their habitat itself. The varieties of species that Africa offers in animals attract scientists, wild life photographers and wildlife lovers equally.

Animal in Africa

Reason for the extinction of Animals in Africa 

The main source of worry for the African government is that these species of animals are in danger. Due to the political instability, the government is not able to focus more on the rules to prevent hunting of these endangered species. Poachers are having party time killing and hunting the wild life and as a result of these activities many of the African species have made it to the endangered animal list. Animals in africa are being killed mercilessly and the political conditions is not helping the government to stop the blind killing so it becomes important for the local residents and the tourists to do their best to protect these endangered animals. For preserving the atmosphere and also the beauty of the African forest, it is very important to save these animals. To save the animals one must know the kind of Animals in africa and the list of endangered animals.

List of endangered Animals in africa 

The fastest and the most agile animal known as cheetah also come under the list of endangered animals. The mortality rate of these animals is very high because of two reasons. First cause is the high inbreeding and the cheetah is also hunted by the other wild animals which are the lion and the hyenas. The recent survey report says that there are just 12400 cheetahs left on the earth. Unfortunately, the hunting of white rhinoceros which has continued for decades still prevails. The price of those horns is unbelievable in the black market. Other animals in Africa that are endangered are the Cuvier’s gazelles. These are the most distinct and smallest species of gazelles that are left in Africa. The pastures on which the gazelles feed are either encroached by humans or are destroyed in wars and as a result the Cuvier’s gazelle Is on the brink of extinction due to starvation. The count has drastically decreased over the years and the numbers can have pummeled to mere 500 at present. Animals in Africa that are endangered also include African elephants. These elephants have been admired by the people for their beautiful tusk but have also been hunted for the same beautiful tusks. When calculated in 1970, the population of these elephants was 300 thousand but when measured in 2006, there were only ten thousand left. There are two species of African elephants which include African bush elephant and the forest elephants. The numbers of these animals are still on a high time decrease. Other Animals in africa that are on a verge on extinction are the leopards, chimpanzee and addax (kind of Antelope), striped hyena, geometric tortoise, ostrich and African snouted crocodile.